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Comprehensive Services to Help Fulfill Your Financial Goals

We offer several core services:

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement needs analysis
  • Social Security (old Age, Survivor, and Disability Insurance, OASDI)
  • Types of retirement plans
  • Qualified plan rules and options
  • Other tax-advantaged retirement plans
  • Regulatory considerations (RMD’s; Pre-mature withdrawals)
  • Key factors affecting plan selection for businesses
  • Investment considerations for retirement plans
  • Distribution rules, alternatives, and taxation

  • Characteristics and consequences of property titling
  • Estate planning documents
  • Gifting strategies
  • Incapacity planning
  • Powers of appointment
  • Types, features, and taxation of trusts
  • Charitable transfers
  • Deferral and minimization of estate taxes
  • Fiduciaries

Estate Planning

Tax Strategies Planning*

  • Income tax fundamentals and calculations
  • Characteristics and income taxation of business entities
  • Income taxation of trusts and estates
  • Cost Basis Reporting & Tracking
  • Tax consequences of the disposition of property
  • Tax reduction/management techniques
  • Passive activity and at-risk rules
  • Tax implications of special circumstances
  • Charitable contributions and deductions

  • Characteristics, uses and taxation of investment vehicles
  • Types of investment risk
  • Quantitative investment concepts
  • Measures of investment returns
  • Asset allocation and portfolio diversification
  • Accumulation & Distribution
  • Portfolio development and analysis
  • Investment Strategies

Investment Planning

Insurance Planning

  • Principles of risk and insurance
  • Analysis and evaluation of risk exposures
  • Health Insurance and health care cost management (individual)
  • Disability Income Insurance (individual)
  • Long-term care insurance (individual)
  • Annuities
  • Life insurance (individual)
  • Income taxation of life insurance
  • Business uses of insurance
  • Insurance needs analysis

*SPF does not provide tax or legal advice.

Why Choose Our Fee-Based Firm?

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We Offer Our Client’s Choice With No Conflict of Interest

We’re Fee-Based Advisors

Our Fees Are Transparent & Competitive

We’re Experienced

Our 3 Investment Advisors have over 30 years of combined experience

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